La Agustina Chocolate


La Agustina Chocolate Factory

Ujo, Mieres

In 1900, Agustina Velasco and her husband, José María Fernández-Tresguerres, founded this chocolate factory in Uxo.

The facilities, which remained in operation until 1968, also produced chocolates, sweets and nougats throughout its history, and its staff included master nougat makers from Alicante. The production reached 210,000 pounds per month and the company’s relevance grew as a result of exports after the Spanish Civil War.

The factory consists of a two-storey building and its entrances are decorated with iron canopies. Its construction, with solid brickwork, combined linteled arches on the ground floor with three-centred arches on the first floor.

The family's residential building is located nearby. It had nine rooms, a library, a chapel and a large wooden and glass gallery supported by iron columns. The entire complex is now abandoned.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez