La Venecia Cannery


La Venecia Cannery and Shipyards

Puerto de Vega, Navia

La Venecia, founded in 1942, followed the example of previous canneries, such as La Arenesca, by creating an industrial establishment of this type in Puerto de Vega (Navia), a suitable location for this type of production.

This time, the facilities were inaugurated on the dock, taking advantage of the location of the former Las Tuervas cannery, but erecting a new, modern building of eight hundred square metres. Its main façade is made up of three sections of similar characteristics rounded off by staggered pediments. The glazed bays also take on special relevance. The central structure is crowned by a cubic structure that makes it higher than the lateral ones.

Its industrial use lasted until 1962, and nowadays it has warehouses for fishermen on the ground floor and a restaurant on the upper part.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez