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Brigadier Elorza Homes


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Brigadier Elorza Homes

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The Oviedo Weapons Factory, unlike the one in Trubia, did not follow an industrial village pattern. It was not until the 1920s that the first colonies were built by San Feliz (1921) and La Nueva (1926) workers' cooperatives. As exclusively internal developments, the factory would build the Brigadier Elorza (1929) and Santa Bárbara (1955) groups.

Between 1926 and 1929, the first large working block was built in Oviedo. It consisted of 42 houses for workers from the city's weapons factory. They were low-quality and cheap, situated in a marginal area, next to the railroad line of the Económicos de Asturias Railways. Following the hygiene movement criteria that were beginning to be imposed, it has a central courtyard, large windows and ventilation of the first concrete slab through a semi-basement. The gables on its four façades are the only decorative license it presents. One of them includes the name of the group, of its promoter and the emblem of the artillery corps.

Manuel Antonio Huerta Nuño