Camarmeña Power Plant


Camarmeña Power Plant

Poncebos, Cabrales

The company Electra de Viesgo promoted its construction in a beautiful landscape on the left bank of the Cares river. The orographic complexity of the terrain made the construction process very difficult.

The works began in 1917, including the retaining system with the Caín dam and the water conduction network to the power station building. This network is made up of seventy-three tunnels, which were manually dug at its origin.

The building, inaugurated in June 1921, consisted of two buildings of different heights, both covered with a gable roof. The bigger one has a ceramic mosaic with the name of the company on its side façade. The machinery, which was difficult to acquire because of the war, is housed in a room surrounded by large basket handle arch windows, above which there is an upper clerestory supported by pilasters. The start-up of the Arenas power plant relegated the Camarmeña plant to a secondary role.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez