Duro Felguera Clinic


Duro Felguera Clinic

La Felguera, Llangréu


Duro Felguera Factory

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Urquijo Neighborhood


Dolores Fdez Duro Park


Duro Felguera Clinic


La Formiguera Barracks


Trade School


Conde Sizzo Street

With the start-up of the Duro y Cía factory in 1857, La Felguera was born as a population centre. The Julián Duro Street was created shortly afterwards to connect the factory with the church. In its surroundings, a hospital for the workers and a public school were built with the sponsorship of the company.

The ruinous pre-existing chapel was replaced by a considerably large new parish church in the 1880s, which was also replaced by the current one designed in 1941 by the architect Francisco de Zubillaga. It was originally dedicated to Santa Eulalia of Mérida and later to Saint Peter, who became the patron saint of La Felguera in honour of the founder of the factory. 

The first building that housed the hospital was replaced in 1924 by the one that still stands today, although with a different use. In those years of prosperity, recovered from the great crisis of the first years of the century, Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro Felguera reinforces its healthcare network.

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