Mariqueta Mine


Mariqueta Mine

Puente Peñaflor, Candamo

The company Minas de la Serna began mining in this sector in 1956, taking advantage of the mineral wealth of a quartzite mountain range cut by the Nalón river in Peñaflor.

That same year, the Casualidad mine gallery was opened on the right bank of the river, in the council of Grado, and its mine opening is still preserved with the date and the mining symbols, as well as a loading dock.

On the left bank, belonging to the council of Candamo, the Mariqueta Mine began to be developed on the same date. Thus, a single mining group was created and reached its peak in 1971, with 100,000 tonnes per year and more than 300 workers, making it the largest producer of kaolin in Spain. It was mainly destined for the manufacture of refractory chamottes, produced by the company Arcillas Refractarias del Otero, which belonged to La Serna company. The works were finished in 1996 and the remains of the buildings, warehouses and mine openings are still preserved.

Manuel Antonio Huerta Nuño (Toño Huerta)