To Felgueroso Brothers

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Monument to Felgueroso Brothers

Ciaño, Langreo

This is a monumental fountain erected in honour of the Felgueroso brothers, active mining entrepreneurs from Ciaño. Although another place was initially chosen, it was finally located in the town's public park, which also bears the name of one of their sisters, Rosario Felgueroso.

The architect Juan José Suárez Aller and his colleague Fernando Cavestany from Madrid worked in this project in 1957. The monument consists of a rectangular water pond with a sculptural group on each of its short sides. On the side that is closer to the main street, there are three male figures on prismatic pedestals, representing miners carrying the tools used in their work, with a schematic anatomical treatment that suggests a tendency towards idealisation.

At the other end, there are three prismatic blocks with a rectangular base covered with ashlars. On the front, there are reliefs with industrial themes and, on the back, there are abstract sculptural elements that symbolise the results of the work in mines and industries.

Mónica García Cuetos