To Miners Deceased in Turón

Art and Culture

Monument to Miners deceased in Turón

Turón, Mieres

A valley with a deep mining tradition, full of mines with a high accident rate, seemed to demand the creation of a space dedicated to the memory of all the deceased miners.

The place chosen was one of the mine shafts of Grupo San Francisco-San José. It was owned by the company Sociedad Hulleras del Turón, which had mined a large part of the valley. In the old mine shaft, a large photograph shows a miner and a mule pulling a wagon. The rest of the wall is covered with 19 metal plaques with the names of each of the workers who lost their lives, arranged by mine and date of death.

The monument, inaugurated in 2006, was promoted by Marcelino Escudero, a man from Turón who was committed to recovering the historical memory of the valley. Near the monument, a bust commemorates his work. Every year, on the festivity of Santa Bárbara, a wreath is laid at this place.

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