Aniceto Sela School Group


Aniceto Sela School Group


The Aniceto Sela school group, or Liceo, is part of the set of public buildings, such as the city council or the municipal market, which occupied some of the blocks generated by the enlargement of the town in 1900.

The project was drawn up by José Avelino Díaz y Fernández Omaña (1889-1960), who held the post of municipal architect from 1919 to 1932. Throughout these years, he worked intensely at the service of the municipality and on private commissions, many of them from Sociedad Hulleras del Turón.

Originally, the building had a U-shaped floor plan with two side pavilions and a central one, as well as an uncovered courtyard at the back and a landscaped area for public use in front of the main entrance.

The use of brick in strips that organise the façades horizontally and vertically stands out, as well as the monumental design of the main façade. It has a central body and two side bodies whose plan and height are highlighted and topped with triangular pediments and an abundance of decorative elements.

Mónica García Cuetos