Villapendi Water Reservoir


Villapendi Water Reservoir

Turón, Mieres

One of the innovations brought about by the work of the civil engineer Ildefonso Sánchez del Río is his prototype of a water reservoir. He built several of them, mainly during the years in which he was the municipal engineer of Oviedo (1924-1941).

The first of these was the fourth water reservoir in Oviedo (1926-1928), which was followed by other similar ones, although of lower capacity, such as the one located in the upper area of Turón (Mieres) designed in 1930. Following the design of the water reservoir in Oviedo, it has a circular floor plan with a geometrically shaped roof formed by a structure of ribs which supported reinforced concrete slabs. In the centre of the building, a polygonal cylinder stands out due to its height and houses the water valve room.

Such an important work responded to the need to guarantee the water supply to a population that was growing at the same rate as its mining activity, which, with Turón as a reference point, extended throughout the valley.

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