La Hueria Schools



La Hueria de Carrocera, San Martín del Rey Aurelio

Until the beginning of the 20th century, most schools did not have a building of their own and any space where a teacher met with a group of students was considered a school. In La Hueria valley, several places were used for this purpose: the atriums in chapels, rented private buildings and even old industrial facilities, such as the lamp works in the mountain mines of La Quemá, in Brañella.

The school of La Hueria was built by the city council at the end of 1914, although the works did not begin until 1917. During the following year, they were provided with electricity, sanitation was improved and the courtyards and accesses were paved. The location chosen was a estate called El Praduco, owned by Felipe González de Piñera. The contractor, José González García, carried out the works with a budget close to 16,000 pesetas. However, this amount was increased due to the need of installing a retaining wall.

It is a building with a rectangular floor plan, one story high, with a hipped roof and a ridge parallel to the main façade. The detailed design of the bays and of the structure that gives access to the building, which is placed slightly forward and topped by a stepped pediment, is quite remarkable.

Faustino Suárez Antuña