SHE Management Building


Sociedad Hullera Española's Management Bulding

Ujo, Mieres

Ujo, in Mieres, became an essential location for the company Sociedad Hullera Española (SHE), whose mining area was spread over the municipalities of Aller, Mieres and Lena.

The image of Ujo was radically transformed by the construction of housing and barracks for employees, technicians and management, warehouses, a company shop, schools, offices, railway infrastructures, and so on.

By the end of the 19th century, Sociedad Hullera Española (SHE) acquired an estate in the centre of the town to erect the management building, to which the so-called "Chalé de los Gatos" was added. This also housed the management staff, the guards' house and a garage.

The management building is a striking rectangular construction with a steeply sloping roof, glazed galleries running along two of its façades and solid brick walls. A neat garden occupied a great part of the property, enclosed by a masonry wall around the perimeter.

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