La Hullera Barracks


La Hullera Residential Barracks

Ujo, Mieres

Sociedad Hullera Española promoted the construction of several housing facilities in Ujo (Mieres) as a response to the housing needs of the company's workers and the management and technical staff.

The residential barracks in La Hullera (also known as the Corredores residential barracks) are one of the most characteristic examples of workers' housing that was highly developed in the Caudal river basin. It is a low-cost solution due to the use of cheap materials for its construction and an optimum use of the space, which allowed for the accommodation of a large number of families in a single building.

It is a rectangular building with the main façade on one of the long sides of the rectangle. The wooden exterior corridor, the most representative element of these kind of buildings, runs along the two upper floors, leading to a staircase attached to one of the side façades. The exterior corridor was a common space and provided access to each one of the dwellings.

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