Campueta Mining Complex


Campueta Mining Complex

Agüeria, Aller

Sociedad Industrial Asturiana concentrated its mining activity in the council of Aller, exploiting three main groups, Santa Bárbara, Santa Ana and Campueta. The latter was located in the Negro river valley, near of Agüeria village.

The intense activity of this mining group can be seen in the important heritage left behind, made up of adits, such as the one on the first floor of the mine, which still has its masonry opening and another one dated in 1921 on its keystone. In the loading bays in Agüeria, masonry is combined with solid brick. Some buildings, such as the one that housed the offices, are also preserved.

A railway network connected the different mining floors to transport the material necessary for the mining activity and to dispatch the production to the Tartiere washing plant in Oyanco. There, it was finally connected with the company's steam tramway that went down the railway to Ujo-Taruelo. The trench and the remains of the La Maravilla bridge are still preserved from this network.

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