La Justa Adit


La Justa Mining Group Adit

Peña Rubia, Langreo

In 1854, a group of investors, including the Castillo de Chirel baron, José Finat, Maximiliano Laffitte and León Daguerre, created Sociedad La Justa.

Its mining concessions covered Turiellos (in La Felguera), Lada, Barros and Riaño (all of them in Langreo) and included a large number of concessions, some of which were merged into the so-called Coto de La Justa. The company also had a coke factory where it sold slack coal.

In 1886, this company merged with Adolfo D'Eichthal and Compañía y Carbones de María Luisa to form Unión Hullera y Metalúrgica de Asturias, in charge of the engineer Luis Adaro y Magro. He promoted important advances, such as the mechanisation of work inside the mines, the introduction of horse draught and the use of wagons on rails, as well as the modernisation of the coal washing process.

The only remaining elements are the adit of the first floor of the Peña Rubia mine and some old hoppers in the left bank of the Nalón river.

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