Julia Mine


Julia Mine

Ballongo, Grado

Near the small village of Ballongo, there was an important iron mining industry whose history is linked to that of the Trubia Weapons Factory.

The main extraction points were two: the one known as Christi Mine, which was put into operation at the beginning of the 20th century by the businessman from Gijón Francisco Warrempoly, and the Julia Mine, which is the oldest one.

These mines were already mentioned in the report drawn up by Casado de Torres in 1792, although the mining development of the Julia Mine began in 1848 supplying iron to the Trubia Weapons Factory run by Elorza. The works were carried out by means of an inclined mine shaft provided with a small manual powered railway. At the beginning of the 20th century, they would be extended with a gallery and its mining development would be undertaken by the Sociedad Fomento Industrial de Asturias until its closure at the beginning of the Civil War. Nowadays, the large adit and entrance to the galleries is still preserved. The deep red of the mineral stands out among the foliage that surrounds this deposit.

Manuel Antonio Huerta Nuño