La Riera Power Plant


La Riera Hydroelectric Power Plant


Between 1930 and 1945, the company Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico carried out the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Somiedo, on the banks of the river that bears the same name.

In 1946, the installation of the different groups began. There are three groups using Francis turbines, which are capable of generating 36,000 MW/hour per year.

The supply is gravity-fed, thanks to a network of canals and pipes that take the water from the Somiedo and Saliencia reservoirs to the power plant. Its outgoing water also fed the La Belmontina and Belmonte de Miranda power plants.

The main rationalist construction consists of two parallel industrial units with a rectangular floor plan. The engine room is surrounded by large flat bays enclosed by glass and glass blocks. Above them, there is an overhead crane that facilitates the work of the operators. The adjoining industrial unit differs from the previous one due to the horizontality of its bays and the gable roof.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez