Pontones Group


Pontones Mining Group

Río Negro Valley, Aller

Sociedad Industrial Santa Bárbara (SIA) was founded in 1895 by a group of investors with the engineer and businessman José Tartiere Lenegre as a main promoter.

SIA exploited a large number of mining concessions in the council of Aller organised into mining groups, such as the Pontones group in the Negro river valley. The transportation of the production of this group was carried out by means of a branch line that was linked up to the steam tramway designed by the company in 1914. From the town of Oyanco, SIA's logistical centre, this tramway continued along the road to Ujo-Taruelo, where it reached its connection with the Basque-Asturian Railway and finally arrived at the Ferrocarril del Norte station at Santullano.

The acronyms of the company name and the date of its construction are still visible on the main adit of the Pontones group, which is still preserved.

SIA was one of the first nine companies incorporated into HUNOSA in 1967. A year later, its deposits were closed due to their depletion.

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