El Toral Mine


El Toral Mine

Feleches, Siero

The brothers Víctor, Constantino and Secundino Felgueroso, originally from Ciaño (Langreo), were active mining businessmen who accumulated a good number of mining exploitations in the municipalities of Langreo, Siero and Laviana in the first decades of the 20th century. They eventually acquired more near Gijón. The company Felgueroso Hermanos had been constituted in 1893 together with their sisters and their father.

The Felgueroso family acquired the Aramil mines in the Nora river valley from Unión Hullera y Metalúrgica de Asturias. One of the most important mines in this group was El Toral, located in Santo Tomás de Feleches in Siero. It had an inclined mine shaft, a coal washing plant and auxiliary buildings such as a lamp room and toilet houses.

In 1920, focused on their sinking project in Gijón, the Felgueroso sold their coal mines to Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro Felguera. They consisted of the Aramil, Saús and La Moral groups in Siero, Ciaño and Barros in Langreo and Barredos in Laviana.

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