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Rolling Electrical Substation

The huge dimensions of the ENSIDESA plant in Avilés made it necessary to build electrical substations at important energy consumption points.

This is the case of the one located in the surroundings of the hot rolling mills warehouses, which worked for these facilities, concluded in 1959.

Although we do not know who was responsible for it, this building has important similarities with the thermal power plant of the factory itself. Its south-facing main façade is remarkable and has large windows arranged on three of its four floors, emphasising its horizontality. On the left side of the façade, a large glass fronted structure stands out. It is set forward with respect to the façade and is higher than the rest of the building.

Despite its architectural importance, the electrical hot-rolling substation has been ignored and currently has no heritage protection.

Ruben Domínguez Rodríguez