Silviella Power Plant


Silviella Power Plant

Silviella, Miranda

In 1906, the works on the construction of the first hydroelectric power station in Asturias began.

The Silviella power plant was located on the banks of the Pigüeña river, in Belmonte de Miranda, and was promoted by Compañía Popular de Avilés. This company was acquired a few years later by Compañía Popular de Gas y Electricidad de Gijón. Finally, in 1944, the facilities passed to Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico.

The main building has a rectangular floor plan and consists of a very interesting machine room. It has a succession of semi-circular arches around the perimeter, visually enhanced on the outside by means of bossage, both in the keystones and voussoirs, as well as in an impost line that joins both elements together. The main façade, which has a staggered, crenellated roof, bears a sign with the date of the inauguration. The interior of the hall has concrete pillars interspersed between the arches. These are used to support the rails of the overhead crane and they also hold some iron lamps.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez