El Águila Negra Brewery


El Águila Negra Brewery

Colloto, Siero

The iconic El Águila Negra brewery is located on the outskirts of Colloto, in Siero. This area was traditionally linked to the production of other alcoholic beverages, such as cider. However, in 1898, it would give birth to this brand, which would open a factory two years later.

Its facilities constitute one of the most interesting examples of the Asturian industrial architecture linked to food production. After surviving the Spanish Civil War and reaching a period of splendour in the middle decades of the century with a daily production of 48,000 litres of beer, the company began a process of decline that led to its closure in the early 1990s.

The main building is the largest one of the complex and stands out for its monumentality. It is a two-storey building with three sections articulated by means of bays made of three-centred arches and flanked by four towers. In the central part, there are two towers mainly built by means of fair-faced brickwork. These have a flat roof surrounded by crenels of the same material and with large semicircular arches at the front. The other two towers, located at both ends of the building, have the same type of bays at the front, but their steeply pitched hipped roofs are mainly made of zinc. The chimneys located in these two units incorporate shapes inspired by bird wings as ornamental elements, suitable considering the name of the company.

At the back, the brick chimney includes a sign with the year of the inauguration built with the same material. This construction rises on quite a high square base and is crowned by a concentric border located at the top.

The production plant was demolished after the factory closed. It was deeply abandoned after being paralysed in 2018, due to a court ruling that condemned the owner for crimes against the cultural heritage. This court ruling ordered the rehabilitation of the preserved remains, although its future use has not been decided yet.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez