Esva Power Plant


Esva Power Plant

Bustiello de Paredes, Valdés

This hydroelectric power plant is located next to the banks of the Esva river. Its works began in 1910, but were not completed until a decade later.

The complexity of the works and its location made it necessary to build some auxiliary facilities, such as tunnels and dams, to regulate the flow of the river in order to meet the plant's production needs.

The main building, which houses the turbines, has a rectangular floor plan and it is built using plastered stone as the main material. There are semicircular arches on both sides, which allow natural light to enter into a working space that was full twenty-four hours a day.

It remained in operation until 1972. Nowadays, its facilities are abandoned and extremely deteriorated, although it still conserves part of the original machinery in the same conditions.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez