Fortuna Mine

Art and Culture

Fortuna Mine

Turón, Mieres

In 1931, Sociedad Hulleras del Turón began the works to sink the Fortuna mine shaft, which were interrupted by the Spanish Civil War when it had barely reached a depth of thirty metres. The space was used in the early years of the dictatorship as a mass grave and later covered with a concrete slab. It is estimated that more than 300 people may have been buried here.

The discovery of the grave in 2003 made it possible to recover the memory of those buried there. Two years later, a monument by the artist from Turón Juan Luis Varela was placed on the slab. The work entitled "España fragmentada" (Fragmented Spain) consists of a great vertical concrete block, interrupted in its central part by two apparently separate fragments. The monolith rests on two crossed metal arches placed on the shaft.

In the building of the old carpentry workshop, which has now been converted into an interpretation centre, a space is dedicated to the memory of this tragic story.

Mónica García Cuetos