Miner’s Monument

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Miner´s Monument

La Colladiella, Mieres

It was officially inaugurated on the 11th June, 1972 at the top of La Colladiella, in the middle of the Asturian mining basins Protected Landscape, at an altitude of 820 metres and with spectacular views over the councils of Mieres, Laviana, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Aller and Lena. This privileged location seemed to be the right place to erect a monument in memory of the miners of the Caudal and Nalón basins.

Desiderio Fernández Suárez, a master from Turon, promoted both this project and the simulated mine located on the same hill, where the interior of a mining gallery was recreated. The design of the monument was based on an original drawing by Sabino Fernández Antuña, (Sabi del Viso), in which two miners are shown together carrying the tools that best represent them: the lamp, the axe and the hammer. The sculptures, whose union symbolises the solidarity of the miners, stand on a masonry base. The sculptural group is surrounded by metal frames from the mine. The metal craftsman from Turón, Diego Dorado, was in charge of carrying out the work.

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