Miranda’s Power Plant Village


Miranda’s Power Plant Village


Chimeneas de ventilación


Miranda Power Plant


Silviella Power Plant


Miranda’s Power Plant Village

A small residential complex was built in 1962 for the workers of the energy production facilities in Las Lleras, near the Miranda hydroelectric power plant. At that time, their presence was still necessary for the proper operation of these facilities.

It consists of eight houses, grouped in pairs in four single-storey buildings, which are staggered and arranged parallel to the course of the Pigüeña river. They have a slate gable roof and their faces alternate between concrete and fair-faced brick. There was also a large bay next to the chimney and other smaller ones surrounding the main entrance.

Despite the small size of the houses, they are still almost entirely inhabited. In addition, the original trees and central square, around which the houses are arranged, are still preserved.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez