La Rebollada


La Rebollada


Protestant Cemetery of Numa Guilhou


Fábrica de Mieres


La Rebollada

The town of Mieres has been growing since the late 19th century. This growth was regulated by two urban expansion plans, but its flat and well-communicated land ideal for people with higher incomes was kept, just like in other industrial towns in Asturias. The mining and, above all, the iron and steel industry, which were the driving force of Mieres, found their place in the surrounding areas - such as in the traditional hillside villages - which experienced large increases in population during the 20th century.

La Rebollada is an excellent example of how this process transformed a small village. There, Fábrica de Mieres built one of the few examples of company residential developments. On the hillside above the site occupied by the steel plant, some dwellings were built for workers and employees. That resulted in a space that combines formal heterogeneity and spatial discontinuity in a unique group of buildings. Nowadays, they are in ruins or very much transformed. The buildings descend to the foot of the mountain, near the site of a Protestant cemetery where the remains of the founder, Numa Guilhou, are buried.

Faustino Suárez Antuña