Santa Cruz Barracks


Electra de Viesgo and EEA Barracks

Santa Cruz, Mieres

Detalle de la Fachada de las viviendas


Electra de Viesgo Barracks

Central de Santa Cruz_Patrimonio Industrial Asturias
Exterior Sala de Máquinas


Santa Cruz Power Plant

Cuarteles de Energía Eléctrica de Asturias


EEA Barracks

Energía Eléctrica de Asturias, later Electra de Viesgo, built a series of buildings near their thermal power station in Santa Cruz, Mieres, to be used as employee accommodation.

It was a project with obvious similarities to the neighbouring accommodation plan of Sociedad Hullera Española (SHE), following the connection between the two companies. In 1920, Juan Rovira, the company's authorised representative and SHE’s engineer, applied to the Mieres town council for a licence to build a residential building for employees.

This residential complex fits into the most common type of collective workers' housing in the Caudal basin, the residential barracks. Their characteristic features are a very pronounced rectangular ground plan, several storeys and a corridor that runs along the main façade on the upper floors. These joined in the east façade, where the staircase leading up from the street was attached. At the rear part of the building, there are galleries on the upper floors and overhanging elements that are also characteristic of this type of construction.

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