Wholesale Fish Market


Wholesale Fish Market


Ribadesella's history has always been conditioned by its port, which since the late eighteenth century underwent major transformations aimed at its modernization.

In this area, a valuable patrimonial ensemble is preserved. There, two buildings built in the thirties and forties of the last century stand out, the wholesale fish market and the food market. Besides them, there is the only canning factory still standing, the one belonging to the company Hijos de Carlos Albo.

The wholesale fish market building was conceived as a horizontally-shaped complex with different structures, each of which housed a function. The auction room stands out with an upper gallery that opens to the exterior with a succession of oculi. The rest of the structures are used for offices, an ice factory and warehouses. The two main façades were treated in different ways: the one facing the port has a semicircular central body and the one facing the town shows the building's function in large-sized letters.

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