Fundición Nodular


Fundición Nodular

Lugones, Siero

The production facilities of Fundición Nodular are located on the outskirts of Lugones, in Siero. It was founded in May 1956 under the initiative of José Suñer Martínez, managing director of Fábrica de Mieres.

At that time, the steel boom led by the ENSIDESA plant in Aviles encouraged the creation of companies that were dedicated to the manufacture of cylinders for the rolling mills with recycled materials, such as scrap and ingot. The plant ceased its production in 2013. At that time, it had 170 workers on its payroll.

The most important part of the complex are two twin industrial units that are very diaphanous and arranged perpendicularly to the railway line. The light comes in through large glass block walls and a longitudinal skylight in the roof, which provides zenithal illumination. On the west façade, there is a highlighted sign with the name of the factory.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez