Locomotive Depot


ENSIDESA Locomotive Depot


Conjunto Industrial de ENSIDESA


ENSIDESA Industrial Complex

Locomotora ENSIDESA B-15


ENSIDESA B15 Locomotive


Felguera Locomotive


Locomotive Depot


El Valle Railway

Actividad Actual


Hot Rolling Mills

The construction of a railway network within the ENSIDESA facilities was a major milestone in terms of the transportation of raw materials and products, given the large dimensions of the plant. After that, small buildings such as control towers and huts linked to this modern system were built along the entire route to support the steelworks railroad.

One of the main projects related to this railway service was the construction of the locomotive depot, whose purpose was to house the offices and to provide enough space to repair the locomotives. It was built in 1957 and was designed by Carlos Fernández Casado. It consists of a rectangular floor plan and two highly functional industrial units topped by inclined concrete trusses that constitute curved roofs. This structure enables natural light to come by means of upper and lateral skylights. Nowadays, the depot still performs its original function as part of ArcelorMittal facilities and it also belongs to the inventory of the foundation Fundación Docomomo.

Rubén Domínguez Rodríguez