Santo Tomás Group


Santo Tomás Mining Group

Turón, Mieres

Sociedad Hulleras del Turón (SHT), set up in Bilbao in 1890 with the Basque businessman Víctor Chávarri as its main promoter, began its activity in the valley of Mieres by exploiting a group of mining concessions divided into four mining groups: San Víctor, San Pedro, San Francisco and Santo Tomás.

The Santo Tomás mining group was located in the vicinity of La Cuadriella, near Repipe. This mountain mine, which once had five floors, will be remembered for the very serious accident that killed eleven miners on the 14th August 1967. With these victims, the tragic list of deaths in the group, which had reached thirty since the beginning of its history, came to an end.

In 1968, SHT was integrated into HUNOSA, together with all its assets and operating centres. A year later, the activity in the Santo Tomás Mining Group stopped.

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