La Trechora Adit


La Trechora Adit

Samuño Valley, Langreo


Samuño Ecomuseum


La Trechora Adit

Several mining companies were operating in the Samuño river valley from the beginning of the mining activity in the area. All of them faced the enormous difficulties when transferring their production to the main valley.

Two of these companies, Carbones de Santa Ana, first owned by Herrero Hermanos and later incorporated into Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro Felguera, and Carbones de La Nueva, built railway lines at the end of the 19th century to transport their production to the area. The railway owned by Carbones de Santa Ana connected the mine La Trechora with the Langreo Railway station in Sama. The location of this mine made it necessary to build a false tunnel over the Carbones de La Nueva railway, which ran parallel to the Samuño river at a lower level.

Its adit has a doorway in which irregular ashlars were used, except for the sides and the entrance enclosure, where a well-carved ashlar work can be seen.

Mónica García Cuetos